School / Nursery
”Our children at the nursery love Yogacubs they look forward to it every week. It has been a great addition to our nursery routine. Parents often come in and tell us the children have been practising their moves at home. We recommend Yogacubs to anybody.”
Christine Moxon, manager


“YogaCubs make me feel like a giant party!”
Oscar, 6

“Yoga makes me relaxed; it makes me want to think about things that feel precious to me. I feel joyful when we do the exercises and the story. I feel happy when we do the characters and the relaxing at the end.”
Charlie, 10

“I think yoga is good. It makes me refreshed for school!”
Maria, 7

“I feel flexible, excitable, energetic and sporty when I do yoga!”
Beth, 9

“I like the 2 headed-monster and the turtle! I like YogaCubs because it makes me calm down.”
Harry 7


”My daughter really loved the course! She kept singing the yoga song all the time and did yoga at home with her toys and me. I would really recommend, as Johanna has a lovely warm personality and feels children’s needs really well.”
Inna, mother of 3 1/2 yrs daughter (Jan 2012)

”Johanna really engages the children from the start- and encorporates the yoga moves within story-telling. My 4 year old loves it- especially the ”relaxing with the lavender eye mask”. Even my 8 year old has now joined in and has lots of fun with her little sister. Great value too!”
Mandy, mother of 4 and 8 y.o. daughters (Nov 2011)

”My daughter will be 3 next month, started to go to Yogacubs in October. She is usually a very shy child, but during the lessons, she seems much more confident, joining the songs, doing all the movements and stretches. She is now trying to teach those to the members of the family!!! The lessons are fun, relaxing, combining story telling with the actual yoga poses. What I also like is that all children are encouraged to participate as the story develops and use their imagination. Would strongly recommend.”
Iren, mother of 3 y.o. daughter (Nov 2011)

”My 3 yr old loves these sessions. We’ve been attending for about 6 months now and they are always wonderfully entertaining for my daughter. Johanna is fab – great fun and extremely patient! Great value for money too! I can’t recommend enough. ”
Mother of 3 y.o. Hannah (Nov 2011)

”Johanna was just amazing at my daughter’s party. She had 18 children mesmorised with her yoga stories and then timed it jsut right with classic party games with everyone getting prizes and they kept coming back for more balloon models! Johanna was so creative and gave my daughter a beautiful keepsake. She is great value for moeny and would highly recommend her.”
Sarah, mother of 3 y.o. daughter Leila (Nov 2011)