YogaCub’s teach postures (HATHA YOGA) through stories and rhymes that are all designed to improve children’s balance, co-ordination, flexibility and strengthen and tone their bodies. The classes also include warm up, breathing techniques, vocalisations, memory games and relaxation. It will help their energy levels, concentration and bring them to a place of calm.

Yoga postures and breathing techniques can help increase oxygen uptake in the blood promoting greater brain function and supporting the childs learning development.The children will get increased self-esteem and learn to show respect and moral values to the nature and their friends and adults around them.

With its amazing benefits it attracts all children, not only the sporty ones, (though it will certainly improve their sports and dance exercise!) It can also help combat childhood obesity and Children with Special Needs or Learning Difficulties will benefit greatly from yoga too! Most importantly it will be lots of creative fun in a safe and non-competitive atmosphere, introducing all children to a healthy life style for the coming years ahead!